End-of-Life Care

The Process of Euthanasia

When you come to euthanize a pet, our veterinarians will first come in to talk with you to make sure that you are prepared for the process and to make sure euthanasia is appropriate.

While you are filling out paperwork, we will take your pet into our treatment area to place an intravenous catheter and then return your pet to you. This process allows you to make all informed decisions needed while our qualified staff is comforting your pet.

Depending on your pet’s health, sedation may be given if it is in their best interest for comfort. When it is time, our veterinarians will give your pet an overdose of an anesthetic agent, which quickly and painlessly stops their heart.

Our veterinarians will stay with you or leave the room if you would prefer a few moments of privacy.

After Care

Following euthanasia, you can either take your pet’s body home for a proper burial or have a cremation performed.

You can have their ashes returned to you, or a communal cremation- where no ashes are returned. We use Pet Angel for our cremation services.

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